Funding a Development Therapist

Providing Specialist therapy for the care project.

Friends of the Care Project fund a full time therapist to work with the residents at The Care Project. The result of this therapy has just been incredible and has resulted in a dramatic improvement to the abilities and behaviours of many of the residents. 

Given the range of ability and age, together with the variety of illnesses or disabilities, Kate our therapist employs a huge range of techniques to treat the residents. These techniques include improving basic behaviours through simple reinforcement techniques and classical conditioning. Kate teaches sign language to those who are able, and other communication methods to those who are not. She also uses music, art and touch therapies to help unlock potential abilities and personalities. 

More recently Friends of the Care Project have helped to fund day trips out for some of the residents. By providing this invaluable social interaction for some of the more capable residents we have seen a huge improvement in communication and physical skills. The impact of a trip to the beach or even supermarket cannot be underestimated!

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Rebuilding The Care Project

A new home

Friends of the Care Project approached Jumby Bay to support The Care Project as part of their annual fundraiser the Shark Bait Swim. Together we decided that rather than attempt to restore the dilapidated paediatric ward, we would construct an entirely new building for The Care Project on the land adjacent to The Fiennes Institute. This would provide the residents with a safe a secure home. The Government of Antigua & Barbuda along with The Fiennes Institute support this proposal unreservedly. 


Whilst there is plenty of space in the ward at The Holberton Hospital, there are many issues with the building itself. The roof leaks and the bathrooms are not fit for human use, currently the nurses bathe the residents in mobile children's baths. The building lacks any form of security and the interior requires complete refurbishment. 


A new building will provide safety, security and most importantly a comfortable living space designed specifically for the residents disability needs. 

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